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Meet Santa

Through the years there has been a legend…the legend of Santa Claus.

It is not about the beard.
It is not about the suit.
It is about the heart of the person inside of the suit.

For thirty-nine years, Mike has been portraying the legend.

From his humble beginnings in 1971 wearing a suit made for him by his wife of less than one month, to his custom suit in 1986 by Elizabeth Babcock of the Santa Claus Suit Manufacturing Company, to his Coca-Cola suit and now to his traditional Olde World suit.

Zoom with Santa

Given these unprecedented times, the magic of Christmas is even more critical.

Sitting with Santa at a store, a corporate event, or even at home could lead to a super-spreader situation. The legend of Santa would never want it.

Whether you desire a storytime Zoom session with Santa for your group, class, or family, individual breakout sessions with children, or just a sit-down, the magic of Christmas can continue for you and those you care about.

To schedule your Santa's Magical Visit,

please call (585) 377-1566 or email

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